Meet Our Vendors

Welcome to our wedding vendor introductions! I’ve received a ton of questions about our wedding vendors –> who they are, why we picked them, the added benefits, etc… As well as what vendors we are still looking for.

If you are a vendor in the Kansas City area and are interesting in collaborating with “A Girl, Her Life,” on our big day, please reach out to! I’d love to work with you on a mutually beneficial partnership!

If you have any questions about these vendors, please feel free to reach out to me via comment on this post, DM on Instagram or via email at Or, I encourage you to connect with these vendors. Honestly, a blanket statement for all of them, is that they are wonderful, helpful people. When picking my vendors, my biggest priority over anything, was that they were great at communication and excited to work with me. The LAST thing that you want as a bride is dealing with a difficult vendor… believe me, you have enough to worry about.

So… without further adieu, meet our (ever growing list) of vendors

Our Vendors

Venue – Magnolia Urban Garden and Venue

Website | Instagram

For me, the venue determined EVERYTHING and was my biggest priority in terms of vendors. After researching over 300 venues, yes – you read that right -I looked at over 300 venues all over the US, walking into Magnolia just told me it was “the one.”

After confirming that it was the look that we were wanting, we talked through our 36 Questions to make sure it met our needs.

Why We Chose Magnolia:

  • Open Vendor Policy – Magnolia allows you to utilize any licensed vendors that you choose. This allowed us an open list to choose whoever we wanted.
  • Location – Magnolia is in a PERFECT KC location! Just across the street from City Market and a few blocks from DTKC, there is plenty surrounding Magnolia for OOT guests to do during the weekend.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Space – Magnolia boasts over 6,000 sq. ft of indoor space and 4,000 of outdoor space.

Florist – Awesome Blossoms

Website | Instagram

Awesome Blossoms is an amazing florist from Warrensburg, MO. The team there is incredibly friendly and so, so talented. Both Logan and I have attended numerous events that Awesome Blossoms has worked and we are continuously impressed with their work.

Why We Chose Awesome Blossoms:

  • High Quality of Work – As mentioned above, AB produces such a high quality of work, I felt completely comfortable leaving this large portion of my wedding in their hands.
  • Versatile Arrangements – From looking at their past experience, these ladies have done arrangements for a variety of price points and styles. I knew that whatever I sent their way, they would be able to knock out.
  • Fair Pricing – For the high quality of work, AB is extremely well priced!
  • Delivery – AB is more than willing to work with brides and deliver/set up wherever needed.
  • The amazing team – The team is SO wonderful to work with and I get excited every time I talk to any of them about my bid day. They are exactly what I want my vendors to be!

Photography – Alyssa Barletter Photography

Website | Instagram

There aren’t enough good things in the world to say about Alyssa. She is so, so talented, no only with the camera, but with people and identifying raw moments of happiness.

Funny story… when we got engaged, I started researching venues and photographers – to me, the two most important vendors we would choose. I narrowed my list of photographers, very quickly, to four. A few weeks after we got engaged (and I promised Logan that the only planning I would do over the summer was locking down a venue)

I actually met Alyssa at a networking event. The entire time I was internally fan-girling because I was such a big fan of her work, but also wanted to play it cool. She was actually the first person at the event that I met! Embarrassing part of the story – we met outside the event after I had been walking around in nearly 100 degree weather trying to figure out how to get in. I was super sweaty and tired and gross… but somehow, she still decided to be my friend.

After that event, I sent Logan links to my top four, wanting to be sure to get his opinion and not certain if Alyssa and I would become friends and she’d be a guest at my wedding or if it would be weird if I asked her to be my photographer even. After looking at all four, he sent back Alyssa’s website and said, “I like her.” I then sent Alyssa the most awkward email ever because I was so nervous she would be like, “ew, no. you’re sweaty.”

After that, Alyssa and I have become fast friends, which is exactly why I would suggest her to anyone as a photographer. She is the coolest, most wonderful, talented friend and photographer that I could ask for. During our shoots with her so far, she has made Logan and I both so extremely comfortable and happy. She’s made me feel beautiful looking at my photos and perfectly captured our relationship on film. I cannot wait to see what our wedding photos turn out like!

Why We Chose Alyssa Barletter Photography:

  • We loved her vibe – Upon meeting Alyssa, I was instantly drawn to her cool, fun, quirky demeanor. She is completely herself and somehow draws your unique self out as well, and that transitions to your photos.
  • Her photography style was exactly what we wanted – Raw, romantic, candid, emotional… just some of the words I would use to describer her photography style. Every image that she produces truly gives a story behind it.
  • Her package options – Logan and I both were so incredibly happy with her package options. There’s a variety at different price points that were extremely reasonable for the quality you get.

Music – Complete Weddings

Website | Instagram

For our wedding, we knew that our guest list would end up being a party. So a DJ was just a natural choice for us. Honestly, we didn’t do much research on our DJ because we both immediately agreed on who we would want. A few years ago, Logan and I attended a friends’ wedding and had the MOST FUN EVER. The DJ was perfectly on point with his song options and gave the entire reception a perfect for us vibe. We knew that was who we were interested in learning more about so we reached out for the information and contacted Complete Weddings.

We ended up choosing Brandon from Complete Weddings because of his ability to host a party.

Why We Chose Complete Weddings:

  • Price Point – Complete Weddings is EXTREMELY well priced! Like, we were both so happy with what we ended up signing on to pay.
  • Past Referrals – Brandon came highly recommended, beyond our own experience.
  • Offerings – We loved that Complete Weddings offered the full music package, and we wouldn’t have to worry about a thing when it came to equipment, lists, etc…

Wedding Stationary- Andrea Marlow Design


In all transparency, Andrea is a lifelong friend of mine. But I’ve known for years, from her previous work, that she was who I wanted to custom design my wedding stationary.

So, TBH, you would think custom designs were ridiculously priced, right? I did! But I was so wrong! Andrea truly loves what she does and helps you find the right stationary for your price point. We’re so in love with what we’re working on with her and I can’t wait to share! AND, it all came at a price point that Logan was happy with (which hasn’t happened too often!)

Travel Agent – Sonie Distefano


Sonie came to us highly recommended, and for good reason! She dealt with a MILLION questions and requests and helped us find our perfect location for the budget we gave her.

Catering – Katie’s Catering


If Katie’s cooking didn’t win me over, her infectious, upbeat personality sure did! I knew the instant we walked into Katie’s shop by her constant laugh and jokes that she was exactly who I wanted to work with on my bid day. She perfectly embodies everything that every wedding vendor should be – excited, friendly, ready to talk about your vision, doesn’t pressure you and her prices are amazing! She told us that she doesn’t believe in overcharging like so many vendors do, because she truly loves what she does. And it shows in the taste of her food! I am so incredibly excited to be working with Katie on our big day and can’t wait to see what she cooks up (lol see what I did there?)

Bridal Boutique – Cleo Bridal (St. Louis area)

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Dress shopping is one day that I wish I could relive over and over. And that’s partly because of how AMAZING my experience at Cleo Bridal was (and their sister shop White Traditions Bridal Shop – that’s the location I went to first and they were equally amazing! I just happened to find “the dress” at Cleo.) I honestly felt like a princess (cheesy, I know) the entire day and the women working went above and beyond to ensure I was trying on dresses that matched my vision, as well as taking advantage of trying on different styles I never pictured myself in – which is exactly what I picked!

Vendors We Are Still Looking For

In an effort to remain transparent and let you know what to check back for… here’s the vendors that we’re still working on locking down.

  • Accommodations – In final negotiations now. Stay tuned for an update next week!
  • Videographer
  • Wedding Day Coordinator
  • Bridal Hair/Makeup
  • Ceremony Music (looking for a string quartet)
  • Baker – In final negotiations now. Stay tuned for an update next week!
  • Jeweler (wedding bands)
  • Rentals
  • Photo booth vendor
  • The extras (margarita machine, prosecco truck, cotton candy machine, etc…) for the garden area of our reception

If you have a suggestion for a vendor, please feel free to DM me on Instagram and let me know! And if you are a vendor wanting to work with us on our big day, please email me at!

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