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Hi babes! Can you believe that we are already in February!? I’m in an actual state of shock… Especially since it means only 8 months until I am officially Chelsea Carlyle (well… Chelsea Mudd-Carlyle). All things wedding planning are really starting to gear up and it is getting CRAZY!

But, that’s another blog post for another day. Today, I want to chat with you all about incorporating my FAVORITE pattern and a major trend right now into your own closet. So I’m setting off a Trend Alert on leopard print!

Shopable links to all these pieces are located at the bottom of each section!

Listen… I know leopard can be intimidating. It is a full on statement, no matter how small the piece. But, whether you’re into making a statement or not, this is one trend you definitely want to take advantage of right now. Why? Because there is just something about leopard that adds a little pep in your step. It makes you feel sassy and, well, sexy! And all of us ladies can use that from time to time.

So check out some of the ways that I like to incorporate leopard into my looks below!

Make it the Focal Point

Like I said, leopard is naturally a statement piece. But it is the kind of statement that can thrive as a large, main piece, where other patterns may become too overwhelming. Since I tend to keep my closet fairly neutral/patternless, I’ve taken full advantage of the leopard trend to add some larger statement pieces to mix things up and pair with those basics.

Try finding a leopard maxi to pair with a denim jacket now, go sleeveless later! I snagged this gorgeous maxi from Vici Collection, but linked a couple of other options at the bottom of this post as well!

Because this was such a statement piece, it easily carried my plain black western booties and denim jacket PLUS some fun accessories on top of it! Try throwing on a ranger hat now and a black straw fedora closer to spring to really take it to the next level.

Pro Tip: If you REALLY want to make this a statement, combine it with the recently resurfaced 90’s slip dress trend and some black combat boots to double up! I’m fawning over the look already!

#StaySassy in a Jumpsuit

Can we all agree that jumpsuits are the best thing to ever happen to us, ladies? They have only one flaw (let’s not dive into getting completely naked when we have to pee) but allow for so much more movement, less vulnerability (looking at you upskirt photogs) and just have a way of making you feel like a real boss a** b*tch.

So, if you have an event coming up soon, step outside of your comfort zone and show up in a leopard jumpsuit and classy black accessories. I paired mine with black stud earrings, pointed toe black heels and my go-to black handbag with gold ring handles.

Be a #BossBabe at Work

Who doesn’t need an extra pep in their step when it comes to the office place? Add leopard to an otherwise plain black suit set to spice it up a bit while staying professional. Or take this piece casual, like I did, with some gorgeous distressed mom jeans (MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE) and booties now, open toe nudes later!

This shirt was definitely the most versatile piece that I worked with in this shoot, and honestly, I’ve been wearing it on repeat for the past few weeks! The patter is still strong enough to carry some statement accessories or make an outfit feel complete on it’s own.

Don’t Skirt Out On Satin

Another trend double up opp… leopard print satin midi skits are to DIE for. I’ve actually ordered three other satin skirts since trying this one on for the first time because they are absolutely gorgeous.

Adding the satin element to leopard ups it’s wow factor AND dresses it up a bit. But because of the cut, these satin skirts are so easy to dress down with a denim jacket or chunky sweater as well!

Start out Small

Not sold on going full on leopard jumpsuit? Dip your toes into this trend by snagging a couple of leopard accessories. I’ve linked a couple of my fav picks below from hair scarves, to belts, to shoes. Even if you aren’t a “statement kinda gal,” there is still a way to incorporate this sassy trend into your wardrobe this winter.

Plus, you never know! You may end up loving the confidence that a hint of leopard gives and it could be the push you need to really surprise yourself and everyone around you.

Tips for Styling Leopard

Find Your Comfort Zone

I know that incorporating leopard may be a little out of your comfort zone. Heck, just a few years ago we considered wearing the print to be total trash. So if you feel as though it may be a little too edgy for you, start out small with a leopard accented purse or a cute ascot paired with a white button up (just picked out my outfit for tomorrow!)

The most important thing to remember when it comes to trends, is that not every trend works for everyone. Whether it is a certain fit, material or pattern, we may not feel comfortable or look our best in it. The key is making the trend work with you by deciding what you are comfortable with and making it your own!

Not sure how to incorporate it? DM me on Instagram and we can chat! I’d be happy to give you any ideas specific to your wardrobe!

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Like I mentioned before, leopard is strong enough to handle what you throw at it. Find some gorgeous, neutral accessories and start layering them on. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been playing with statement earrings, dainty gold necklaces, hats, jackets, shoes, etc… when styling these pieces.

Accessories can take any outfit to the next level, but adding them with leopard is just so #instaworthy.

Stay Away From Pairing Too Much Color

To be frank, I am not a fan of pairing leopard with color at all (except there are a couple of cute sweaters and scarves that I found with a bit of pink in them and tbh… I’m coming around). But when you are wearing a fully color forward outfit with a leopard statement piece… well, everyone is going to be really confused as to what statement you’re making. I personally like the look of pairing neutrals with leopard, and maybe a pop of color here or there.

Shop Some of My Fav Picks to Style with Leopard

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  1. I LOVE these leopard looks, especially when you paired them with the denim jacket. So cute!! I think it’s time for a leopard maxi to get in my closet lol. Also, I love that you’re hyphenating your name?! I didn’t take my hubby’s last name & people think I’m weird but I think times are different & I love my last name. Lol

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