My 2019 Resolutions

Hi babes! And happy new year!

Anyone else feel weird writing “2019” as the date on their first day back at work? *cue scratching out 2018 for the next two months*

2018 was an amazing year for me. Living intentionally through my word of the year ended up producing some great opportunities and experiences (read my 2018 recap post here!) 2019 has some pretty big shoes to fill after that one, but I also have some big expectations for myself after the year I had as well!

So, in an effort to hold myself accountable for sticking to my resolutions and reaching my goals, I want to share them all with you! Be sure to share your goals with me by commenting on this post or on this photo!

My 2019 Resolutions

Engage in more convos with the big man upstairs.
This year, I want to focus on spending more time reconnecting with my faith through daily reflections and conversations with God. I’m so thankful that I found Proverbs 31 Ministries, a female led ministry that provides plenty of resources to help me do so!

Spend more time focusing on Logan (and our wedding!)
Secret time… for the past six months I have been so focused on my blog, my new job and the holidays, I don’t feel as though I have given my relationship with Logan (or our wedding planning!) enough attention. This next year, I want to keep in mind that he is my priority and spend more time being present in our relationship.

Make more memories with friends and family.
I spent so much time developing my relationships this past year, I want to continue on that path and create meaningful memories with the people who matter most to me.

Love what’s local.
Kansas City is full to the brim with creators, influencers, innovators. I want to keep supporting local brands, connecting with local influencers and collaborating with the people who surround me through this platform.

Build a community.
I didn’t just launch a blog as a place to sell you clothes. I truly want to build a community that we can all talk with one another, learn and grow. I want you to feel empowered after reading a post or inspired to live the life you want after double tapping a photo on Instagram. I want you to leave my platforms better than when you entered them.

Share my knowledge.
I am so fortunate to have a career that I love and one that supports the development and management of A Girl, Her Life. Working in social gives me some additional insight that I love to share with others. In 2019, I want to find a way to do so in a more impactful way. There is so much misinformation out there, I want to help bloggers learn how to work WITH social to achieve their goals and engage with their audience.

Save more money.
No, I didn’t just include this one to make my finance guru fiance happy. 😉 I genuinely feel like I am absolutely terrible at this an my overall take on finances is my biggest flaw. I’m ready to be #adulting and feel like to do so, I have to buck up and stick to my least favorite “B” word… a budget. UGH.

Focus on my health.
So in 2017, I shrunk two inches. In 2018, I had a ton of knee problems. Y’all, I’m falling apart. So this year, I want to prioritize my physical health by being more aware of what I’m fueling my body with and maintaining a strengthening level of physical activity.

Use retiniods.
More on this to come, but ya girl is trying to be proactive about aging.

Now comes the hard part… sticking to them. Any tips that you’ve found helpful?

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