2018… You da Real MVP (Yearly Recap)

Well, we’re here! Today is the last day of 2018 and tomorrow we kick off a new year.

In the past, I’ve been unbelievably excited to say goodbye to the past year and start fresh (I’m looking at you 2014 and 2017… you know what you did.) But this year, I can’t believe this AMAZING year is over. As I reflect on 2018 (check out my method of year end reflection here), I am so grateful for all the love that surrounded me, opportunities that have presented themselves and growth that I’ve had.

Flourish… My Word of 2018

To start out, I want to present an idea to you. Each year, I choose a “word of the year.” A word that I want to look back at the end of year and say it perfectly represented my year. When I kicked off 2018, I chose the word flourish.

Flourish: to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment.

When I started the year, I was definitely #toostresstobeblessed. I was a bridesmaid in two friends’ weddings, trying to figure out where my career was headed and working in a tense situation, stretched entirely too thin across all my commitments and overall, feeling down. In the months leading up to 2018, I had focused my entire life on losing weight and used unhealthy methods to get there. I was down on myself, down on my life.

I chose the word flourish because I knew I wanted to grow in a healthy way and I knew I needed to adjust my environment to be more favorable.

My Career

If you are unhappy with where you are, whether it is a coworker making coming to work each day miserable, company culture, your workload, etc… start actively seeking out a change.

Following some major company changes, I opened the doors for new career moves and started responding to some of the asks for initial chats I was getting. When an opportunity at Intouch Group, a company I had been interested in working for since college, presented itself, I knew that God was pushing me to take the next steps in my career.

I was so lucky to have a boss, and future sis-in-law, that I felt comfortable confiding in throughout the entire process. We talked about each stage in the hiring process and she encouraged me to take the offer, despite it meaning I would be leaving our everyday routine of working (and getting coffee) with one another.

That career move has made so many other opportunities in my life possible. It was terrifying, the transition was hard, but I am happier at my new job than I’ve ever been in my career before.

What I learned? Y’all. We spend 8+ hours a day at our job. WE SHOULD ENJOY IT. Previously, I thought that meant enjoying it half of the time, because work is well, work, you know? But that doesn’t have to be the case!

Would you be interested in a deeper dive into my career change? Learning more about how I left my comfort zone to a fast-paced agency setting? If so, let me know either by commenting on this post or by sending me a DM on Instagram!

Celebrating Love

I love love.

Kicking off the year, due to stress overload, I wasn’t fully soaking in what it meant to be a bridesmaid. I wasn’t enjoying all the little moments because I as hyper focused on the little details, trying to make everything perfect for my two best friends in the whole world.

And, I know, there is nothing wrong with wanting to make it perfect. But something happened in 2018 and I changed my outlook. I started really enjoying this experience with them. I started celebrating with them instead of just planning for them. And I had the BEST experiences with them in 2018, creating the most amazing memories.

In additional to standing by my two besties’ sides on their big day, I was able to celebrate the marriages of seven friends this year. There is nothing that I love more than a wedding, especially when it is between two people that I love.

What I learned? Enjoy the little moments with the people who matter. Don’t get too caught up in the details that you miss out on the fun.

Got that ‘Bling ‘Bling!

I obviously have to include GETTING ENGAGED in my end of year highlight reel! If you haven’t read our story, check it out here and see photos of our AMAZING engagement in Iceland!

Each day, I get to spend time planning my wedding to the man I love most in this world. I get to complain to him, laugh with him, cry to him and hug him everyday, and every time I look at my ring, I’m brought to tears because I am so happy to be spending the rest of my life with him.

Launching A Girl, Her Life

After years and years of nearly hitting the publish button, of being scared to be judged, being uncertain if I could do this thing, I launched my dream, A Girl, Her Life!

After writing short form my entire life through journaling, poetry and short stories, I finally built up the nerve to share my passions with you all. I’m opinionated as all hell, and I feel so fortunate that you all care enough to read those opinions!

On January 15, this blog will have been live for six months (be on the lookout for that six month recap!) and I can’t believe everything that has happened since then. I honestly can’t thank you all enough for being a part of this community. For engaging with my posts (take that Insta algorithm!), for sharing in my conversations and for encouraging me anytime I see one of your beautiful faces.

I was scared that people would judge me or make fun of me. And while I can’t say I haven’t experience minor negativity, every time an old sorority sister stops me at an event to say “I’ve always wondered when you would launch a blog – I love your posts!” or when someone DMs me on Insta to say they appreciated a piece of advice or loved something that bought from my links, my heart literally explodes. Okay, not literally, but sometimes I do cry because I’m so happy.


In 2018, I had the opportunity to travel just about every other month. I traveled to one of my lifelong favorite cities, Nashville, three times; New Orleans for the first time; Santa Rosa Beach; Phoenix, which I fell in love with; Chicago and Iceland. I feel so fortunate for these opportunities to explore and try new things with friends, family and the ones I love!

Loving My Tribe… Hard

It wouldn’t be a highlight reel if I didn’t shout out all my best babes, new and old, Logan and my family for being a part of 2018.

They were the ones rooting me on in all of these amazing changes. They were the first people I called when Logan proposed, the people who told me to hit “publish” on A Girl, Her Life.

This year hasn’t just been full of “ups” and my tribe was there to support me through it all. There’s a couple of changes that I am dreading and news I am awaiting in 2019, and my tribe is who I will turn to first to get me through it all. I am so incredibly thankful for all of you!

Goodbye 2018

Writing this, I feel so grateful for all the opportunities I have had to flourish, for all the work and tough decisions I’ve made in the name of flourishing, and all the support I’ve had throughout it all.

2018 surpassed all of my hopes and intentions for this year! I truly can’t believe that in a few short days, it will be over. But at the same time, I am looking forward to everything that 2019 will bring.

What are you looking forward to most in 2019?

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