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Hi babes! If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I recently went wedding dress shopping and found the most beautiful dress! I’m so excited to share my experience with you all (and a sneak of my dress at the bottom of this post!) Y’all. Dress shopping is exhausting, fun, emotional and exciting all at once. You have so many emotions, probably because you’ve been dreaming about this day, or this detail of your wedding day, for your entire life. But at the end of the day, you may just be walking out having found the dress that you’ll marry your dream guy in. Y’all. To be honest, I was NERVOUS. So nervous that we walked into the wrong place at first. Like, the horribly wrong place… as in not a single dress that I wanted to try on. The lady obviously didn’t want us there either so that was a great start…

I looked at about 20 shops in the area, meticulously researched the designers that they carry, the dresses that they sold recently (shout out to social creeping!) and the price range of dresses. I nearly memorized what the locations looked like. WHY? Y’all, this is the ONE wedding I’ll have. The dress I picked will be the ONE wedding dress that I’ll wear. When I thought about loving more than one and regretting the one I chose later on down the road, full blown panic attacks ensued (thank you anxiety…)

White Traditions | Cleo Bridal

I can’t even explain how much it meant to have the most phenomenal women in my life there with me. My mom, sister, Nana, aunt and best friend were such a fantastic support system as I tried on dress after dress and panicked as I said YES! I can’t tell you how important it is to have the people that matter most – I even wish I would have invited more!

I also had an ulterior motive… this was the day that I planned to ask my sister to be my Maid of Honor and my best friend to be my Matron of Honor! (They both said yes!) This was the icing on the cake for my wedding dress shopping day – that these two love me so much that they’d take on this responsibility together, I can’t even describe how much it means to me.

After 20 dresses, I was down to three and one was the obvious choice. It was the one that I walked out in and tears started. It was the one that I felt modern and beautiful and BRIDAL in. All of the most important women in my life knew it was the one and I knew it too. Sooooo… I SAID YES TO THE DRESS!

A little preview of the fabric!

If you are wedding planning and getting ready to go dress shopping, I am SO jealous! It was by far my favorite day of wedding planning thus far! I have five tips below to help you make the most of your day.
  1. Do your research – be sure to look at lots of different shops, find out their price range and the designers they carry to ensure you’re making the most of your appointment time.
  2. Bring all the women you love – there is often a “cap” at dress boutiques, but you know what… WHO CARES! If you have two best friends, bring them both. If you have multiple aunts, bring them all. Have the women who you want to experience this day with.
  3. Take pictures – I seriously look back at the photos constantly to relive this day!
  4. Try on every style of dress – I knew I wouldn’t be wearing a ballgown when I walked down the aisle, but it was the MOST fun dress to try on!
  5. Make the most of the day – this is it. This is your day and it will be SO MUCH FUN. Put down the phone and soak it all in. Plan a brunch, plan a dinner. Spend every moment focusing on this as you can because it is the most amazing day!
Oh… and a bonus tip… save yourself the embarrassment and make sure you’re walking into the right place. *FACE MEET PALM*

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