How I Prioritize Family Time

Hey Babes!

This morning, I was talking to my baby sister about how many things I’ve had going on lately and how tired I was after staying up to blog until 1:00 am last night. When going through of the list of things that I have been tackling everyday, and she said, “don’t forget to spend time on your relationship with Logan.”

That hit me.

I’m wedding planning, gearing up for the school year as a Chapter Advisor, launching this blog, freelancing and working full time. And generally when I talk about all that I have going, that’s where I stop… But that isn’t all that I have going on. I’m a fiance. I’m a daughter. I’m a sister. I’m a friend. And I bet you are, too.

So why do we always leave these things off of who we are and the things that we need to do? We need to maintain those relationships as well. But for some reason, they generally fall to the bottom of our “to-do” list.

Sure, I’ve spent plenty of time with Logan lately. He’s been the photographer behind all of my shoots so far. Sure, I’ve talked with my friends lately. I’ve interacted with them all on Instagram! Yup. I’ve definitely called my family. We’ve made plans for wedding planning dates.

Guys. This is tough to write. I keep finding myself being tempted to hit “delete” because I hate the way this all sounds. It’s hard to be completely honest with ourselves about our shortcomings, or lack of perception. So how do we make our family, friends and loved ones a priority?

Reevaluate your time.

Take out a sheet of paper and write down your top five priorities. Whatever are the first five things that come to mind, write them down. Now write down the five things that you spend the most time on. I challenge you to really reflect on this and be honest. How are they different? If yours is like mine, you may have important relationships as your priorities, but “distractions” and ambitions as where your time is spent. The first step to fixing it is being aware. Now, how can we start to focus on our priorities?

Adjust your schedule and to dos.

Now that we know where our time is being spent, how can we adjust our schedule and task list to reflect out priorities? This means taking a good hard look at that time list and starting to better schedule in time for the people who matter.

Involve your loved ones.

I am so happy to have family, friends and a fiance who support my goals. They’ve been so heavily involved in the launch and sustainment of this blog, my health goals and wedding that I’ve been fortunate enough to still spend so much time with them. This is so important! Sometimes, we can’t change our “normal.” So why shouldn’t we invite the people who mean to most to us to be a part of it?

Step away.

Okay, after you read this. Step away from the computer. Put your phone down. It is so crazy when we think about how much time we actually spend with technology. Whether our vice is a gaming system, social media, television, etc… All that time is time we could be spending on building our relationships up. So join me in limiting how much time we are online instead of spending it with the people we love most.

Make them your priority.

It sounds so simple. But the first step is deciding to make those relationships a priority in your life. To make a change, we have to want to change.



Spending time with those you love doesn’t have to be over the top or complicated. The time doesn’t have to be “instagrammable” or make a great story. It just has to happen! So the next time I tell my sister that I’m tired because I was up to late, I’m going to work towards making it less about work, and more about having spent time making the relationships in my life a priority.

How do you prioritize the relationships in your life? What things would you suggest I start implementing? Visit me on Instagram to let me know!

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