10 Tips for Picking the Perfect Venue

Hi lovebirds!

First off, let me say CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT! What an exciting, amazing testament of love between you and your SO.

Wedding planning is such a fun bonding experience with your life partner. However, it can quickly become overwhelming and stressful. It is all about setting your expectations, your limitations and being open and honest with your partner, vendors, family and friends. When done right, you can really learn so much about working with your partner, getting through stressful situations and how to celebrate wins with them. And to me, that is absolutely amazing.

For me, finding a venue was the most stressful part. I’ve always seen the venue as what determines every other detail. And, with multiple friends in the wedding industry telling me the same thing, I was VERY particular about my venue. So particular in fact, I asked over 36 Questions (find them here!) During my three month search for the perfect venue for mine and Logan’s needs, I was able to learn A LOT about the process and wanted to share a couple of tips with you all based off of my experience.

10 Tips for Picking Your Wedding Venue

  1. Sit down with your SO and have an open and honest discussion. This talk should cover a couple of things including what you envision for your wedding and most importantly your BUDGET.
  2. Prepare a list of questions in advance. And ask those questions in advance. Touring venues is time intensive, exhausting and can be very expensive if you are having to travel. And nothing is more discouraging than going to a couple venues in a row that just can’t provide what you are looking for. So by asking the most important questions in advance, your “musts” (see #3), you can eliminate any venues that just don’t provide the logistics necessary for your big day.
  3. Determine what your “musts” are and what you can live without. I thought having a bridal suite on site was a “must” for me. But when I weighed it against other aspects, it became something I could live without if there was a hotel with big enough suites close enough. I am lucky enough that one of my future mother-in-laws owns a flower shop (Awesome Blossoms – if you are anywhere in the GKC area, check them out!) and so I absolutely had bringing in my own vendors on my “must” list. Pick the things that are necessary to make your big day what you want it, and make them your top priority.
  4. Do not, I REPEAT DO NOT, tour venues that are outside of your budget. I was absolutely set on one venue prior to getting their price. It checked everything off of our list of “musts” and was absolutely breathtaking. Unfortunately, the catering minimum put them about $10,000 over our budget. I kept the tour date for a couple of weeks and finally, friends convinced me to not go and see it. As much as you may think you can make it work, or that you still just want to know what it looks like in person, don’t sell yourself on the impossible or else you won’t ever be happy with the end result.
  5. Don’t book anything prior to booking your venue! Luckily, I had a lot of friends warn me of this ahead of time. So even though I had vendors that I wanted to lock down, I am so happy that I didn’t because my date is definitely not the original date that I plugged into all of my contact request forms! I absolutely couldn’t imagine the stress and hassle that would have been if I had booked anything else before!
  6. Keep an open mind. Outside of your musts, be realistic about all of the things you want out of a venue. This is so important to start at the beginning so that it allows you to
  7. Bring an outside opinion. Besides providing really valid points and asking things I had maybe forgot about, having Logan and I’s moms present with us was so special for everyone. Wedding planning has always been something that I’ve pictured doing with my mom, and to have her there for the start of it all gave me so much comfort and made me so excited for the whole experience.
  8. Remember that these venues are a blank canvas. When you walk into an empty venue, it may be hard to picture your day there. But remember that this space is a blank slate, and you get to be creative with your setup, your decor, your vibe. Don’t get stuck on the imperfections, but be sure to look at it as a whole!
  9. Take into account WHO you will be working with. I absolutely loved many of the people who we would be working with as the venue representative/coordinator. But there was one venue who the coordinator was absolutely awful. As much as I loved the venue, I knew that she wasn’t someone who I would enjoy talking to when I was happy, let alone when I am stressed!
  10. “Remember this is BOTH of your day. Be sure to express what you would like to have and your ideas with each other. Feel comfortable enough to speak up if you don’t like something – you’re marrying this person after all!” – Bonus tip from Logan!


These are my top 10 tips for picking the PERFECT wedding venue for your big day. What is your best advice for picking a wedding venue? Head over to Instagram to share it so I can add it to this list!

I am so excited to share our wedding planning journey with you all and will be sure to share more tips and advice as I go through the process and learn myself! Thank you so much for joining Logan and I’s journey to our big day!




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