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Hey babes! When Logan and I moved in together two years ago, it was like moving into a brown bachelor pad. Seriously, EVERYTHING was a shade of brown. We had a light brown house, in a brand new neighborhood where the landscaping was basically all brown (no trees), brown walls and flooring… you get the picture. And then… to top it all off, ALL of his furniture and decor was brown. Now my style is a little bit lighter with pops of color. I switch between teals to pinks to blues to greens and love having clean, gray furniture to allow the pops of color accent a more neutral, bright home.

Needless to say, about two months in of trying to make his home, my home too, we ended in an absolute fit. And by we, I mean I ended up in a total fit. Embarrassing to admit, but I actually ended up putting everything I owned, home decor wise, into one of our guest rooms and refusing to do anything outside of that room. I may be a little dramatic.

Finding your own home style is tough enough with all the different options and trends out there. But merging it with a BOY’S STYLE?! Nearly impossible.

So I wanted to share some of my favorite home accent items that made both Logan and I happy while merging our homes (after I finally came out of the spare bedroom, of course!) And what makes them even better, you can get them all in just two days (HOLLA AMAZON PRIME!)


One thing that is an absolute must in our home (for both of us) are plants! Pre-locking myself in the guest bedroom, we had a mix of planters – mine were all bright colors, and Logan’s were… you guessed it! BROWN. So as soon as we moved into our new house in October, I went onto Amazon and bought a bunch of new, neutral toned pots to pull our two styles together. Shop my picks below!


White Hobnob Textured Pot Set



White Ceramic Hanging Planters


White Gold Gray Pots.png

White Ceramic Planters with Gold and Gray Details


Picture Frames

Okay guys, I’m not going to pretend that I came into our new home with a ton of gorgeous picture frames. Nope. I was victim to decorating my walls with sorority awards, paddles and Big/Little canvases all throughout college. Now while all those are boxed up, I still wanted reminders of the people that I love around the house. So I sent my pictures off to Walgreens to have printed then checked out Amazon for some new picture frames (of all sizes) to fill our home with love.



White 8 x 10 Textured Frame



Kiera Grace 8 x 10 Picture Frame



Eco Frame 11 x 14 Matte Frame

Wall Decor

Next up was decorating our walls. Logan came in with little to no decor and with all my sorority gear covering my apartment, we both knew we needed to get some items hung. We both prefer to keep our walls fairly clean, with the bare minimum hanging. However, our new home has a lot of wall space that we needed to get things hung so it didn’t feel so empty.


Whitewash Wooden Mirror



Wood Wine Rack

Note: I am so lucky in the fact that my dad made me my own in two different sizes so that I have three hanging on my dining room wall. However, this one is very close to the ones my dad built!


Other Decor

To pull it all together, we ordered a couple of additional items for the living area of the house, again sticking with mostly neutrals!


White Organic, Super Soft Throw



White Flour and Sugar Kitchen Canisters

Ours look like the ones above, however, I really love these marble canisters and these blue and white ones!


Voluspa Panjore Lychee Candle

Not only is the candle gorgeous, it is the most amazing smell! We’ve been burning one of these for the past two years now!


Fun Palm Door Mat


So… whether you are looking to update your home decor, or trying to blend two styles into one, these are my top picks from Amazon for doing so! Our home is definitely still a work in process (I have yet to convince him to get new couches…) but these little, slightly feminine touches have helped bring our two styles together and make this house our home.


And… if you’re looking for more places to pick up some great home decor, check out some of my other favorites below:


Joss & Main


Happy decorating, babes!



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