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Real talk. This year I have gotten serious about skin care and sun protection.

This past winter, I noticed my first sun spot–right on my face.


And then in February, I found a spot on my skin that ended up needing to be removed and biopsied. Don’t worry, EVERYTHING TURNED OUT FINE. But, it was a scary and stressful enough experience that I am now the girl with sunscreen completely lathered on at the pool.

I’ve done a lot of research into how to protect my skin, including multiple conversations with physicians, in order to ensure that I don’t have another scare (or another sun spot!) But, being pastey white mid-July isn’t exactly a confidence booster.

So I turned to self-tanners. Now, I’m no newbie to the self-tanner world. Over the years, I’ve tried out a variety of brands and types but I’ve never found one that I have truly loved every aspect of, until this summer.

SO, are you ready for my totally honest review of the most amazing, wonderful, easy, natural, streak-free self-tanner in the world? (I’m not bias anymore, no not at all!)

Let me introduce to you Tan-Luxe.

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I think we are all aware of the common self-tanner issues, so let me break it down as to why they aren’t of worry with Tan-Luxe.

Streaks Be Gone

Picture this. You’re at work. It’s presentation day. You know you are going to absolutely kill it – you’re so prepared, you’re wearing your favorite suit and those killer (work appropriate, of course) heels and you know you’re going to WOW them with the presentation skills you picked up in that e-class last winter. And to top it off, you went ahead and did a little self-tanner therapy the night before, just to give yourself a little extra boost of confidence. Your boss calls your name, you strut up to the front and see a room full of board members (clients, peers, etc…) in front of you. You smile and then look down to grab your papers, and you see that massive… orange… streak going down your arm. And now your whole presentation is off.

Okay, that was unbelievably over dramatic, I know. But seriously, noticing a giant streak down what you thought was a beautifully tan arm or leg sucks. It’s annoying, and unfortunately you have to live with it for the next day. But I can honestly say that I’ve never had a single streak with Tan-Luxe.

The application is so easy – you simple spray the liquid on your skin and rub in it with a foam self-tanning glove. Because it is an actual liquid, the same consistency as water, it spreads evenly and doesn’t clump up like a foam or lotion (although they do sell these types as well, I just haven’t tried them because the liquid options are just so amazing!) And hello! No awkward tanning bed spraying you in the face!



Looking Like Trump

Okay, despite your political affiliation, there is no denying the man is orange.


And orange is not a good look on anyone, even early 00’s Paris. So it is always important to me that my self-tanner is build-able and provides a natural color. Tan-Luxe claims that it works with your skin tone, through the oils in the product, to draw out your natural color instead of how the tinted lotions just builds onto your skin.

*Also, can I just point out… goodbye stained sheets?

Photo Jul 15, 9 31 33 PM


Who wants to smell like biscuits?

Not I. Tan-Luxe uses natural ingredients, like Raspberry Oil, in their products, giving a light smell that is almost… dare I say, good? Plus, because of the natural ingredients that they use, their products are super moisturizing and don’t leave your skin feeling sticky (which is just the worst.)


Animal Testing

Nope. Animal testing is awful and Tan-Luxe isn’t a total a**hole that tests on innocent, adorable creatures. There is literally nothing else to say besides YAY THEM.

Tan-Luxe has a variety of types of self-tanners, but my favorite are the Water and Face. Water is an easy spray and spread liquid. Face is actually super unique, it is an oil that you mix in with your moisturizer, making it an easy added step in your daily routine!

If you want to learn more about the Tan-Luxe products, check out their FAQ page. They have tons of info available to learn why their products are completely different from anything else you’ve tried in the past.

Also, if you just can’t wait for the best (self) tan of your life, you can find Tan-Luxe or Ulta or Sephora as well!

Happy tanning!

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